Lipstick fruit, Zanzibar

Spice tour, smells and tastes of Zanzibar

The Spice Tour is one of the most popular tours on Zanzibar…
Portraits: Karadjordje and Prince Milos Obrenovic

Exhibition “Serbian Royal Portraits”

The exhibition "Serbian Royal Portraits" is a place where the…
St. Kinga chamber

Wieliczka, amazing Salt Mine

Wieliczka is a salt mine located in southern Poland, close to…
Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage

Pinnawala, the home of Sri Lankan elephants

The elephant orphanage Pinnawala is an elephant orphanage in…
Eupalinos tunnel, Eupalinov tunel, Samos

The Eupalinos Tunnel, ancient engineering wonder

Eupalinos tunnel is located on Greek Samos island, in the eastern…
Manastir Žiča, Monastery Žića

Žiča, the Serbian monastery colored in red

Žiča is a Serbian monastery from the beginning of the 13th…

Israel, the place where the past and present live together

In Israel, the past and present are mixed and merged into a miraculous…
Colmar Little Venice

Colmar, the fairy tale town in Alsace valley

Colmar is a small town from a fairy tale.   When…
Sahara landscape

Sahara desert, two days between the sand and sky

Sahara desert is the largest hot desert in the world, located…
Sedlec ossuary, The Schwarzenberg family coat-of-arms, made with bones

Sedlec, the church of bones in Kutná Hora

Sedlec Ossuary is a Roman Catholic chapel located in Kutná Hora,…
Dambulla caves complex

Dambulla, the Srilankan cave temple with Buddha statues

Dambulla town is best known as a Cave temple complex. It is…
Sigiriya, Lion rock, Sri Lanka

Sigiriya, rock fortress in the jungle of Sri Lanka

Sigiriya is also known as the Lion's Rock. It is a rock fortress…
The Golden temple, Sri Lanka, Destinations, Destinacije

Sri Lanka, the exotic island in the Indian Ocean

Sri Lanka is an island country in the Indian Ocean. This green,…
Burano island

Burano, the Italian island of lace and colorful houses 

Burano is one of the islands in the Venetian lagoon, in northern…
The Bahá’í Gardens

The Bahá’í Gardens, beautiful and holy place in Haifa

The Bahá’í Gardens are located in Haifa town on the Mediterranean…