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Discover the best Samos beaches

Samos is the eighth-largest Greek island and belongs to the Dodecanese archipelago in the eastern Aegean.
The coastline of the island is 159 km long. In a word, Samos beaches are known for the crystal clear water and the hills and lush greenery that surround them. You can enjoy the organized beaches with sunbeds, umbrellas, and cafés, or those hidden in coves in the beautiful nature.

Besides beaches, this Greek island is known for its rich history, fantastic Muscat wines, as well as picturesque towns and villages.
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And now let’s take a walk around Samos beaches 😎


Samos Beaches



Beaches in Pythagorion

Pythagorion is the main tourist resort on the island. And for me, it is the most lovely place in Samos. Along the promenade and the port with yachts and boats, there are many taverns and bars.
On both sides of the Pythagorion port, there are organized pebble beaches that are usually very crowded.

On the left, there is Remitaki Beach, with a few restaurants on the waterfront. You can get free sunbeds and umbrellas. But it will be nice to have lunch or take something to drink in the restaurants which own sunbeds.

Remitaki Beach Pythagorion

Remitaki beach, Pythagorion


The beach closes at 18h because the restaurants set the tables for the dinner on the beach.

Restaurant Remitaki Beach Pythagorion

Restaurant on Remitaki beach, Pythagorion


On the right, there is also a small organized beach with a tavern and Tarsanas hotel. This hotel is situated in a beautiful 200-year-old and traditionally built stone house. The food is very tasty and in the evening you can enjoy live Greek music.

Tarsanas Hotel Samos Island

Tarsanas hotel, Samos island


Potokaki beach

Close to the Pythagorion and its beach, there is Potokaki village.

This pebble-sand beach is long and organized with sunbeds and umbrellas. It is usually very crowded.
Doryssa Seaside Resort 5* is located there as well. The resort looks like a little traditional village, with a little church and the Folklore museum in the middle. The hotel includes the main building and 120 little houses and bungalows. Even if you are not a hotel guest, you can rent sunbeds and an umbrella (7 Euros set) and have a drink or a meal in the restaurant.

Potokaki Beach Doryssa Resort Beaches

Potokaki beach, Doryssa resort


Since it is located very close to the airport, you can see the aeroplanes just above your head while relaxing in sunbeds.


Pappa beach

Pappa Beach is one of the most interesting beaches in Samos.

Pappa Beach

The terraced parts of Pappa Beach


It is situated about 900 meters from the Ireon village, in a little rocky bay, surrounded by pine trees and bushes. The small beach consists of a few terraced parts with sunbeds, umbrellas, and chairs. Usually is crowded, so you can make a reservation as well.

Pappa Beach Beaches

Pappa beach


The owners, Maria and Costas, and their staff are fantastic hosts. They try to make a great atmosphere that makes everyone feel special. They provide water shoes, snorkelling equipment, books, and everything you need. There is also a restaurant with light snacks, salads, and beverages. In a word, it is an unusual and very nice place to spend a day 🙂


Kokkari beach

Long, pebble and organized Kokkari beach is situated in a place with the same name.



It is an organized beach with sunbeds, umbrellas, restaurants, and cafes.
Usually, this area is very windy, ideal for windsurfing.

Kokkari Beach

Kokkari beach


Lemonakia, Tsamadou, and Tsambu beaches

In the north of the island, between Vathy and Kokkari, there are three pebble beaches: Lemonakia, Tsamadou, and Tsambou.

All of them are organized with sunbeds, taverns or cafes, and usually very crowded. The water is crystal clear with waves on windy days and a little bit cold.

But the view of these beaches, located in the small bays and surrounded by the hills is just amazing!

Lemonakia Beach

Lemonakia beach, Samos


On the left side of Tsamadou Beach is the famous Navagos beach bar.
From the hill, it is terraced down to the beach. It looks very nice, with a little pool, a big terrace with a restaurant and separated parts with sunbeds.
It is good to know that one part of Tsamadou beach is for nudists. Well, there is something for everyone 🙂

Tsamadou Beach and Navagos Beaches

Tsamadou beach and Navagos beach bar


Psili Amos beach

The beach is located about 10 km east of Pythagorion.
It is accessible by car or taxi boat from the Pythagorion. Psili Amos is a long, sandy and well-organized beach. Usually, it is very crowded because of the shallow water and is suitable for families with kids.

This beach is the closest point between Greece and Asia Minor which belongs to Turkey. Actually, the distance is less than 2 km.

Psili Amos Beach Samos Beaches

Psili amos beach, Samos


Potami Beach 

One of the most beautiful and famous beaches on the island is Potami Beach.

It is located in the northwest of Potami village and accessible by car or on foot (about 4 km) from Karlovasi. This pebble beach is swallow-shaped and usually windy, perfect for surfers.

Potami Beach Beaches

The swallow-shaped Potami beach


From the hill, there is a fantastic view of the beach. Also, on this belvedere, there is a small church dedicated to St. Nicolas, white-coloured and of a very unusual shape.

Agios Nikolaos Church Potami

Agios Nikolaos Church, Potami


After Potami Beach there is the road to the other two beaches, Micro Seitani and Megalo Seitani.
Otherwise, they are difficult to reach, and there is no road. And you can go there only on foot through the rocks and forest, and it takes one hour or more. As our friends told us, the beaches are beautiful but wild. So take water and everything you need with you if you decide to visit them.

And who wants more adventures about 1.5 km from there, there is Potami Gorge and waterfall. So, you have to hike, swim in cold water and climb to reach it. On the way, there is a small tavern in which you change your mind or can’t go on. In a word, it could be a wonderful experience but think well before you decide to visit it because of the hard access.


Boat excursion to Samiopula and Kakorema Samos beaches

Samiopula is an uninhabited and dome-shaped little island, across the Samos.

It can be reached from Pythagorion on a boat excursion. And the most popular among them is with Captain Andreas’ boat. In Samiopula Bay, the water is beautiful, warm and crystal, perfect for swimming and snorkelling. But usually, it can be crowded because of the excursions.
There is nothing here except a few free umbrellas.
So take the water or whatever you need with you, especially if the excursion takes a few hours on the sand beach.

Samiopula Island Samos Beaches

Samiopula island, Samos


We were there for about one hour. And then we came back to Samos and spent time on the isolated and private beach, named Kakorema.

While we were enjoying the sun-tanning and swimming, Captain Andreas with his crew prepared a barbeque for us. Well, it was a very interesting experience, sitting on the improvised covered “restaurant”, under the tree. There were tourists from Greece, Serbia, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands… Everybody is talking, laughing, eating fresh fish, cheering, and drinking famous Greek ouzo, sweet Samos wine or special “sexy” instant coffee with cognac!

TIP: take water shoes with you, the beach is rocky.

Kakorema Beach Beaches

Kakorema beach


How to get to Samos beaches

So, if you want to explore the island and beaches, there are many agencies where you can rent a car, motorbike or bike.
Also, there are local KTEL buses, but they don’t run so frequently. So, check carefully the bus schedule. For example, to reach some particular places or beaches, first, you have to go to Vathy city, and then catch a bus from Vathy to the desired destination.
Or you can take a taxi or go for a walk to the neighbouring beaches.

In a word, the beautiful nature, crystal water, delicious food, and good wines are completely enough to have a great time and relax on the Samos beaches.




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