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Natania Travel is a blog about travel.

And I’m Natasha Vuković, the creator & author of this blog.
I’m from Belgrade, Serbia, and I am passionate about travelling.

I would like to share with you my stories, photos, and experiences from destinations that I visited.
Usually, I travel with my sister and friends. The more we travel, the more we feel the burning desire to visit interesting places, meet new people, taste local food, and find out about the local customs and cultures all over the world.

So, you never really know what to expect when you pack the bags and leave your home.
But that feeling of freedom and excitement can make your eyes shine and can make your heartbeat stronger!


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Why Natania travel blog?

Well, two years ago I started writing my diary about the cities, islands, and countries that I visited.
It was a little bit complicated because there were so many details about the destinations to remember. I was thinking about how to save my memories in another way.

Then I decided to make a blog website with my photos and experiences. It was so exciting! Do you know that fantastic feeling when you start something interesting and new?

I started my research on the internet and read travel blogs. After the initial enthusiasm, at one moment I started thinking: how I can do it, what if it is not interesting for other people, who will read it… Are you familiar with that vicious circle?
Yes, I believe that we all have had these moments in our lives.

In that specific mood, I remembered the axiom which I learned during the NLP Practitioner education in CARS Coaching:
“If others can do it, then I can do it also!”.

And then things started happening, just like Paulo Coelho wrote in his book The Alchemist“: “And when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

First, my friend Mira created a blog on the internet.
Then my friend Milos coloured the Natania travel logo just in the way I wanted it to be.
After that, my friend Tamara started taking care of my grammar in my English posts.
And then my friends from the PaprikArt agency started helping me with the technical and all other things about the website.

Oh, yes, it was such a good feeling knowing that your friends want to help you make your dreams come true 🙂


Travel the world

Well, you don’t have to be rich and famous to travel the world.
You don’t have to quit your job to travel the world.

Just be a little curious and find the best way for you to travel more and live the life you like.
How good and important it is to travel and what our trips bring us, you can read more here.








On the Natania travel blog, you can find various information about cities, islands, events, gastronomy, types of accommodations, lifestyles, and some travel tips.

I would like to inspire and motivate you to get new ideas for the next trip.
Perhaps it is a special place that you have always dreamed of, and you have not visited yet…


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Travel as much as you can



Travel with Natania Travel blog…

Actually, travel is our soul food, and we need to feed our souls with new experiences.
So, are you coming and joining us on new adventures?


OK, let’s go!
Because this fantastic world is waiting for us to discover it 🌏😍
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