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Press 2024

Graz Lepasrećna Press Natania Travel

May 2024

Lepa & Srećna

Graz, witness of history

Natania Travel 2024 Winner Travel Tourism Awards Luxlife Magazine Press

March 2024

Lux Life magazine

Travel & Tourism Awards 2024

Sofija Lepa srećna Feb 2024 Press Natania Travel

February 2024

Lepa & Srećna

Sofia, the mix of culture and tradition

Press 2023

Milos Ostrvo Lepa I Srecna Press Natania Travel

August 2023

Lepa & Srećna

Milos, the gem of the Cyclades

Dubai Natania Travel Lepasrecna Nov 2023 Press

December, 2023

Lepa & Srećna

Dubai, between the sand and the sky

Kcn Matine Natania Travel Bloger tv Kcn 11082023 Yt


TV KCN Kopernikus Matine

Travels – Natania Travel

Lepa I Srecna Sept 2003 Samos Natania Travel Press

September 2023

Lepa & Srećna

Samos, the island of the Hera goddess

Press 2022

2022 Januar Press Lepa I Srecna Destinacije

January 2022

Lepa & Srećna

The three most favourite destinations of our tourists in 2021.

2022 24 01 Jan Press Bajkovito bledsko jezero bazar



Fairy tale mornings on Bled Lake

2022 Mart Press Lepa I srecna Zanzibar Natania Travel

March 2022.

Lepa & Srećna

Zanzibar, the tropical paradise in the Indian Ocean

2022 22 03 Press Oradio Press Prolećne Destinacije

29.03 2022.


Prolećno istraživanje novih destinacija

2022 April Press Lepa I Srećna Izrael Natania Travel

April 2022.

Lepa & Srećna

Holy Land of Israel

2022 Maj Press Lepa I Srecna Kikladi Natania Travel

May 2022.

Lepa & Srećna

The Cyclades, the most beautiful Greek islands

2022 Juli Press Lepa I Srećna Istanbul Natania Travel

July 2022.

Lepa & Srećna

Istanbul, the magical city on the Bosphorus coast

022 11 12 Press Bazar Skopelos

September 2022.

Lepa & Srećna

Skopelos, the green-blue “Mamma Mia” paradise

Eubusiness European Travel Awards 2022 Natania Travel

September 2022.

EU Business News

European Travel Awards 2022: Natania Travel, travel blog of the year-Serbia 2022

2022 01 10 Press Nova Šri Lanka Natania Travel


Nova RS

The first thing that shocked me as soon as I arrived in Sri Lanka

Press 2021

2021 05 02 Press Bazar Zanzibar Natania Travel



Zanzibar, the tropical paradise in the Indian Ocean

2021 19 02 Bazar Press Giftun Natania Travel19.02.2021.


Blue paradise close to Hurghada

2021 19 03 Bazar Press Milos ostrvo19.03.2021.


The island of Venus de Milo and its stunning beaches

2021 02 04 Press Bazar mirisne suze hiosa02.04.2021.


Fragrant tears from the island of Chios

2021 16 04 Press Bazar Jerusalim Natania Travel16.04.2021.


The holy city of tears and hopes

2021 30 04 Bazar Press Patmos Natania Travel30.04.2021.


The peace and the beauty of Aegean Jerusalem

2021 14 05 Press Bazar Porto Natania Travel14.05.2021.


Porto, the city on the banks of the Douro river

2021 28 05 Press Bazar Limnos Natania Travel28.05.2021.


Secrets of Lemnos Island

2021 25 06 Press Bazar Burano Natania Travel



Burano, the island of lace and small colourful houses

2021 23 07 Press Bazar Olimpija Natania Travel23.07.2021.


Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic games

2021 09 09 Serbia Travel Djavolja Varos Natania Travel


The Tourism Organisation of Serbia

The Devil’s Town, a natural phenomenon in Serbia

2021 01 10 Press Bazar Plovdiv01.10.2021.


Plovdiv, the Bulgarian city on hills

2021 29 10 Press Bazar Spinalonga



Spinalonga, the island of banned mirrors

2021 26 10 Press Bazar Peloponez Metoni26.11.2021.


One perfect excursion on Peloponnese

2021 10 12 Bazar Press Kolmar Natania Travel10.12.2021.


Colmar, the gem in the valley of Alsace

Press 2020

2020 03 01 Press Biz Life Putovanja Natania Travel03.01.2020.

Biz Life

Why travel is good for both body and soul?

2020 17 07 Press Travel Magazine Milos Natania Travel17.07.2020.

Travel Magazine

The best beaches on the Greek Island of Milos

2020 16 10 Press Bazar Hurgada16.10.2020.


An unforgettable trip in the Hurghada desert

2020 27 10 Press Sigiriya Sl Ilustr Politika27.10.2020.

Ilustrovana Politika

Sigiriya, Sri Lanka, the eighth wonder of the world

2020 30 10 Press Bazar Bahajski Vrtovi30.10.2020.


Fantastic Baha’i gardens

2020 27 11 Press Bazar Mirisi I Ukusi Zanzibar



Smells and tastes of Zanzibar

2020 11 12 Press Bazar Samos Natania Travel



Samos, the birthplace of Pythagoras and the goddess Hera

2020 25 12 Press Bazar Sri Lanka



Sri Lanka, in the heart of the Indian Ocean

Press 2019

Izrael Sensa 2019 Oktobar Ft PressOctober 2019


Israel, the place where the past touches the present

2019 Press Biz Life Zanzibar Natania Travel04.10.2019

Biz Life

Zanzibar, “Hakuna Matata”, a tropical paradise in the Indian Ocean

2019 Press Biz Life Sigirija Natania Travel29.11.2019.

Biz Life

Lion’s Rock: an unforgettable experience in the heart of Sri Lanka’s jungle