Paradise Beach Giftun Rajsko Ostrvo

Giftun Island, a blue paradise near Hurghada

Giftun Island, many shades of blue.

Giftun Island is the most popular boat excursion in Hurghada, in the Red Sea. It is a full-day trip that includes snorkelling, swimming, enjoying the sandy beaches, and crystal-clear water.

Actually, Giftun is a nationally protected nature park. It consists of two islands, Big Giftun and Small Giftun, and also many smaller islands and coral reefs.

The most famous beaches on Giftun Island are Orange Bay, Paradise Island, and Mahmya. This year, during our vacation, we visited it twice: first, we went to Orange Bay and the second time, we visited Paradise Island Beach.

In a word, it is a real paradise, with many shades of blue 🙂

Endless Blue Sea

Into the blue sea


How to get to Giftun Island

Giftun Island is located about 45 minutes from Hurghada’s coast by boat.

Many local agencies organize a day trip to Giftun Island. And it could be a group or private tour. We visited the island with Nur travel agency, and we went on a safari desert excursion as well. The price of boat excursions starts from around 20€ (22$), depending on services and activities.

Usually, it includes a transfer from your hotel to a boat, snorkelling at two different spots, drinks, lunch, and two hours on Giftun Beach.


A boat trip to Orange Bay Beach

Well, all excursions start in the same way. A local agency picks you up in the morning at your hotel in Hurghada and takes you by an air-conditioned minivan to a boat. When we went to Orange Bay, the boat was at the little mall close to the Continental Hotel.


The start point for a boat excursion, the Continental Hotel


Because of the current COVID-19 situation, there was a maximum of 15 to 20 people on the boat, even though it is provided for more persons.

Excursion Boat Hurghada

Excursion boat


During the boat trip, it is impossible to explain all the shades of blue and emerald of the Red Sea.

Coral Reef Red Sea Hurghada

Coral reef


You can feel the burning sun on your skin, the salty wind ruffling your hair, and seagulls are following the boats.

And the eyes just can’t get enough of the endless and beautiful blue sea.

the Endless Blue of the Red Sea Hurghada

The endless blue of the Red Sea


At one moment, we saw a little boat which came close to our boat. We were surprised when they came and offered us some drinks and snacks. And then our guide explained that it was a “market on the water”. Well, they go around all the boats on the sea and offer different goods, in case you need something!

Market on the Water

Market on the water


Snorkelling spots

After about one hour of sailing, we stopped at the first snorkelling spot.

Endless Blue Sea Hurghada

Blue sea, Hurghada


If you want you can take your equipment, or you can take the mask, fins, and tube on the boat, as the equipment is included in the tour price. And there are life jackets available on a boat, as well.

Snorkling Hurgada



Usually, there are a few boats in one snorkelling spot, so pay attention to staying close to your guide.

Diving Boats Hurghada

Diving boats, Red Sea


Just have fun and enjoy the colourful corals and little fish around you 🐠🐟🦐🦞.

Corals Red Sea Hurghada

Beautiful corals, Red Sea, Hurghada


If you don’t like or don’t want snorkelling, you can just swim in the crystal water or stay on a boat, enjoying the sun and the exotic view. After about one hour, we continued our trip to the next snorkelling spot. During the trip, we had lunch on a boat (pasta, rice, chicken, meat, and salad). Also, drinks (soft, hot & mineral water, coffee) are available and free on the boat.

And finally, beautiful Giftun Island appeared in front of our eyes. We jumped into a little boat and came to an amazing Orange Bay.


Orange Bay Beach on Giftun Island

Orange Bay is located in the middle of the island.
It is a beautiful beach with white sand and shallow, warm water, perfect for kids.

Orange Bay Giftun

Orange Bay, Giftun


Because of the current COVID-19 situation, the bars and restaurants were closed, and only one beach bar was open for visitors.

Orange Bay Giftun Island Giftun

Orange Bay, Giftun Island


So you can enjoy the clear water, take a walk on the beach, soak up the sun.

Beautiful Beach in Orange Bay

Beautiful beach in Orange Bay


Or you can just relax under the umbrellas.

Orange Bay Giftun

Orange bay


The special place in Orange Beach is a swing in the sea, as you can see in most Instagram photos. But there were many people around it, so we gave up on taking photos.

From the top of the Orange Bay complex, there is an amazing view of the turquoise-blue lagoon.

a View on Orange Bay Hurghada Giftun

A view of Orange Bay


Orange Bay Giftun

Orange Bay, Giftun


And while you look around, you feel that all your worries and problems are gone with the wind, so far away from us.

the View of the Orange Bay Giftun Hurghada

The view of the Orange Bay


After about two hours we left this adorable beach. On the way back, you can ride the banana.

Banana Ride Hurghada

Banana ride, Hurghada


Or you can just sit and enjoy the sunset.

Sunset Hurghada

Sunset view


Paradise Island beach on Giftun island

The starting point for the Paradise Island excursion is the mall in front of the Al Mashrabia Hotel in Mamsha, part of Hurghada.

Hotel Al Mashrabiya

Hotel Al Mashrabiya and Diving centre


When we arrived, there were many boats waiting for the visitors to sail to a blue paradise.
And close to the coast, we saw one giant turtle in the sea.

Start Spot for Giftun Paradise Island

Start spot for Giftun Paradise island


Paradise Island and Mahmya Beach are located on the South of Giftun Island.
The tour is the same as the tour of Orange Bay. Two snorkelling spots, lunch on a boat, swimming, beach time, and the emerald-turquoise-blue sea around you. Priceless!

Coral Reef Red Sea Hurghada

Coral reef


And here it is, a blue paradise 🙂

Paradise Island Beach Giftun

Paradise island beach


Welcome to Paradise Island 🙂

Paradise Island Beach Giftun Hurghada

Paradise island beach


So take a refreshment from a bar, feel the golden sand under your feet, and swim in crystal clear water.

Paradise Island Beach

Paradise island beach


And keep these moments in your memory, because when you come home, you will miss them!

Giftun Paradise Island Hurghada

Relaxing on Paradise Island


What to know before you go on a Giftun Island excursion

Boat excursions are popular among tourists because they are for everyone, including families with kids. Actually, we had one baby on the boat 🙂

So what you need for this adventure: a towel, sun care protection, swimwear, some clothes to change. Take a mobile phone or camera with you to capture fantastic views of the sea and the underwater world. Usually, there is a photographer on a boat all day, and after the tour is finished, you can take a CD with photos and videos (the price is from 10 to 35 euros).

During snorkelling, always follow the instructions of your guide or instructor. Also, don’t touch corals and keep a distance from the reef.


Hurghada is the diving destination

Hurghada is an excellent place for snorkelling and diving all year round.
The water temperature is from 21 C° in the winter to 30 C° in the summer. In a word, the underwater life in the Red Sea is amazing, colourful and it is one of the world’s best diving destinations.
These boat tours include snorkelling with a guide around the specific coral reefs, only with a mask, fins, and tube.

Snorkeling in the Red Sea Hurghada

Snorkelling in the Red Sea, Hurghada


But if you want to explore underwater life more, there are private or organized guided tours that include snorkelling in wetsuits with complete scuba diving equipment.
So depending on the diving spot in the Red Sea, you can see dolphins, turtles, mantas, more than a thousand different species of fish, colourful corals, and sharks as well.


Giftun Island, escape to paradise

Giftun Island is a fantastic place to spend a few hours in an isolated and eco-environment.
The sandy beach, crystal clear water, sun, and easy access to coral reefs are perfect to relax and enjoy the summer vibes.


the View on the Paradise Lagoon Giftun

The view on the Paradise lagoon


And when you get there, there is only one thought: let these paradise moments last forever!

a Wooden Path to Orange Beach

A wooden path to Orange Beach


Because the turquoise-emerald sea and blue sky are in perfect natural harmony.


Endless Blue Sea Hurghada

Blue sea, Hurghada


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