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Why travelling is good for body and soul

Amazing travelling

Travelling is an integral part of our lives.
Every day we travel from our homes to work, or we plan where to go for a weekend or on a vacation. We are dreaming about the white sandy beaches in exotic destinations, snow-capped mountains, temples and cities of ancient civilizations, dense jungles, and endless deserts. And sometimes we travel to other cities, countries or continents because of work. It sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Well, it seems that our life is one big circle made of different types of travelling every day!

Sometimes travelling is boring, difficult, and long-lasting. And sometimes we can’t wait a moment to catch a bus, boat or plane and go somewhere.

So, what is common to all these trips? In a word, all of them affect our lives, and they change us. But it only depends on us how we will react to everything that happens to us in our life journey.


The good things vs. bad things about travelling

Since I am passionate about travelling, I could talk about a lot of good things that it brings.
And let’s be honest: every journey has good things and bad things. But usually, when you arrive at your destination, you are trying to forget bad things and enjoy good things, especially if you go for a weekend or vacation.

There is no perfect trip, forget about it. When you leave your home, you never know what will happen to you.
There are so many things that could go wrong, even if you just go to work. The traffic could be terrible and buses and planes could be delayed because of bad weather conditions or strikes. The surrounding passengers can be rude, drunk, loud or would like to talk with you just at the moment when you want to fall asleep or be alone with your thoughts. Or they take off their shoes in a bus or plane, children are crying, your luggage can be lost.

Maybe it’s too hot, too cold or there is no fresh air in various types of transport. The jet lag disturbs your sleep, and you can’t wait to get to your destination!

Yes, there are many, many situations when you can say to yourself “why I didn’t stay at home instead of being stuck here”…

But despite all these things, that feeling of freedom and excitement of a new journey makes our eyes shine and the heartbeat stronger. So keep calm and let’s go on a journey 🙂


Lisbon Padrao Dos Desobrimentos Map Travelling

Travelling to Lisbon, and Mappa Mundi, Padrao dos Desobrimentos



Good things about travelling

There are a lot of benefits of travelling, both for our body and soul. During a journey, we often long for our favourite pillow or the comfort of our home, but the exit from our comfort zone makes us alive and push our limits.

“Happiness is not a destination, it is a way of life”.


More possibilities for travel

It is much easier today to get from one place to another than it was before, thanks to the development of various technologies, infrastructure, types of transport as well as the internet. In the past, distances were measured by days or weeks of walking or riding, and today we are talking about hours and miles.

There are a lot of different possibilities for lower prices of tickets and accommodation. You can organize your trip by yourself even to the different continents or travel agencies that could do it. Everything depends on you, your time, desires, opportunities, the purpose of the journey, and money as well.




Travelling is a good way to learn and try new things

During travelling, you can visit different countries and continents.
It means that except for the English language, which is usually official, it is always good to know some other language, such as French, Italian, Spanish, German. But also you will be in the situation to hear and learn some other words, like ”Hakuna Matata”, “Habibi”, “Bom Dia”.

Learning new words is a great exercise for your brain as well. And the smile on the faces of the locals when they hear you speak something in their language is priceless!

Zanzibar Hakuna Matata

Zanzibar, Hakuna Matata


Also, when you visit new places, you can learn something interesting about history, local customs, geography.

You can taste various food or drinks, even fast food or something you thought that you would never try. Certainly, you will never forget, for example, eating fresh grilled fish with rice and local spices on an exotic beach, with your feet in the sand. Or you can taste hummus, tacos, moussaka, various seafood, bugs, kebab, curry, burgers, or good wine in a local winery with cheese and prosciutto.
Mmm… it sounds familiar, isn’t it?


New adventures

There are so many beautiful places on our planet worth visiting and exploring.
And every trip is an adventure, depending on the place and destination. It can be driving in a tuk-tuk or in a local fishing boat, hard access to some isolated and amazing beach, climbing on the rock, riding a camel in the desert, hiking, swimming with dolphins, snorkelling, or just walking around in the beautiful nature.

All these things are a fantastic experience and make wonderful memories!

Travelling Adventures

Travelling adventures


New friendships on the road

Even if you travel solo or in a group, with partners, children, friends, or because of the business, you meet different people on your way. They could be of various professions, ages, nationalities.
Sometimes you find travel-mates, make life-long friendships, and plan another amazing journey together.

Well, that is a really fantastic feeling 🙂

Travelling Friends

Friends on the road


Travels will teach you more about yourself and about the meaning of life

Even if it may sound a bit crazy, it is true. When you step out of your home and comfort zone, you are on your own.
The new world is opening in front of your eyes, so look, explore, feel, taste, and try something new. You will never know what are you capable of if you don’t let yourself be a little adventurous and curious, as we used to be as kids. Our perception of our daily life is changing. On a journey, we can see how other people live, what they eat, how they make money for living, where children go to school.

For most people, it is normal to have drinking water, electricity, or food on the table every day and night. But do you ever think about how many people in the world dream about all these things and about living in good and healthy conditions?

Paje Village Zanzibar Travelling

Paje village, Zanzibar


So next time when you start complaining about your life, take a minute and think about how lucky you are with all the things that you have. Probably you don’t have to go hunting or fishing to have a meal for your family or go somewhere to take water for cooking, drinking, or washing. Right, isn’t it?

Yes, and there is another side of the story.
If you visit some places which are full of symbols of luxury life, you can be sad or frustrated about why your life is different.

Travelling to Malta

Malta, Grand Harbour and superyacht


Well, it is up to you.
Only you can decide what kind of life you really want and what you have to do to live the life of your dreams.

Travelling gives you a world of possibilities to change your life in the way you want.





Travels make you think about your priorities

Usually, we have our daily routines. We go to work, take care of our children, pursue some hobbies, go to a gym, and make plans for vacation. We are stuck in daily obligations, stressed and angry.
Life passes so quickly that we have no time to stop and ask ourselves: Am I happy?

Then a nice weekend spent with family or friends, summer vacation, or a few days spent on a mountain can make you think about your priorities in life. Do you really need more clothes and a new pair of heels or a bigger and more expensive car?

Maybe you can start thinking about how to save some money and finally go to your dream destination and have a wonderful time. Be honest with yourself. What makes you really happy and satisfied, some material things or plenty of unforgettable memories and various experiences?

Kiwengwa Beach Zanzibar

Unforgettable Zanzibar beach


Travelling is good for the body and soul

Although a trip can last a weekend, a fortnight, or a few months, it keeps us alive and passionate. We are more cautious, and we also become more aware of what is happening around us. It means that our body is moving and that we are not stuck all day on a chair or in bed, which is good for our health.

Therefore, our mind becomes more creative, we increase our self-confidence and get more relaxed and peaceful. All these experiences could change and prepare us for some new situations in the future. And when we meet new people and learn about different cultures and customs, we become more tolerant and can better understand the differences between us. We are all unique and different, and that is a beauty and challenge in our daily lives.

And guess what? Travelling makes us happier.


The smile on the faces of unknown people, someone’s help when you desperately needed it, and the feeling of community with the people whom you see for the first time in your life… Well, there are moments to remember forever.



It is always good to be prepared for a trip, depending on your interests, time available, and, of course, destination. Today the internet is full of descriptions and tips on what to see, taste, or visit. Make a good plan and take most of every day.

Life is full of surprises, good and bad ones, and our task is to make it better.

Jambiani Beach Zanzibar Travelling

Jambiani Beach, Zanzibar


So take a deep breath, be adventurous, and take trips that you want and deserve.

I wish you a happy and amazing life journey.


Because at the end of our lives, we will remember our loved ones, fantastic moments, and wonderful memories.
Make your dreams come true, travel, and enjoy life.




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