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You never know until you go 



Brittanica says: “Gastronomy is the art of selecting, preparing, serving, and enjoying fine food”.

Gastronomy is also a good indicator of the quality of life. Discover the unique flavours and dishes of each destination, from street food to fine dining.  Learn about the local food culture and spice your journey.




Find out how locals live, work, wear, think and look like.
Explore the culture, customs, and traditions that shape their way of life.


Events & Festivals

Learn about the various cultural, religious, and entertainment events that make each destination unique.
Find out when and where to experience festivities around the world.



Various TIPS are necessary for a pleasant trip.
Find out what to see, wear, pack, and how to prepare for an amazing journey.



Coffee time

Coffee is always a good reason to see our friends, collaborators, and to meet new people, as well.
These pages often feature conversations, and personal stories shared over a cup of coffee.