Dubai by Night

The best views of the fascinating Dubai

Dubai is one of the most fascinating modern cities in the world. There are many skyscrapers, and the best views of the city are from their tops. And each of them offers a unique perspective on this extraordinary metropolis.

The best views in Dubai

So if you plan to visit Dubai, check out Skyliner’s list of the best views in Dubai.


The ultimate guide for visiting the best views in Dubai


Burj al Khalifa – Khalifa Tower

One of the most famous and photographed buildings in the world is Burj al Khalifa, located in Downtown Dubai.
It was inaugurated on 4th January 2010, and it is the highest building, not only in UAE but in the world, with the height of 828 metres. By the way, the building has 163 floors and 57 elevators.

Burj al Khalifa is the landmark of Dubai, and it is widely known for its spectacular New Year’s fireworks and light show.
It consists of a residential section, luxury Armani hotel and apartments, Corporate suites, and observatory decks.

Downtown Dubai and Burj Al Khalifa Natania Travel

Downtown Dubai and Burj al Khalifa


Observatory decks of Burj al Khalifa

So, you can enjoy the view of Downtown Dubai and the Arabian Gulf from the three observatory decks.
At the Top of Burj Khalifa” is located on the 124th and 125th floors. and “At the TOP Burj Khalifa SKY” is located on the 148th floor. Actually, it is the highest observatory deck in the world.

Burj al Khalifa could be visited every day during the year from 8 AM to 11 PM. Ticket price depends on the time of visit and observatory deck floors. Approximately, the fee is from 43 EUR to 143 EUR per person, and it is even higher for the Lounge Burj al Khalifa.

Dubai View from the Burj Al Khalifa

Dubai view from the Burj al Khalifa observatory deck


Burj al Khalifa is located next to the Dubai Mall and Burj Lake. Take a ride in traditional abra boats around the Burj al Khalifa, shopping centre and skyscrapers, because it is a fantastic experience.

And of course, the must-see is the Dubai Fountain Show on Burj Lake, every 30 minutes in the evening, and two times during the day.

The fantastic mix of water, lights and sounds leaves all visitors breathtaking, and it looks gorgeous!
You can watch it from the promenade around Burj Lake, abra boats or from the observation decks.

Dubai Fountain by Night

Dubai Fountain by night


I was so impressed by this building looks like, its construction and its characteristics.
You can read more about this architectural wonder in the post dedicated to the Burj al Khalifa 👇








Dubai Frame

I was so delighted when I saw the photo of the Dubai Frame on the internet.
But when I saw it in reality and walked on its glass floor, I was speechless 🙂

Dubai Frame

Gold shining Dubai Frame


Dubai Frame is one of the most interesting and latest Dubai attractions, opened in 2018. This architectural masterpiece has a frame-shaped structure. It is 150 metres high and 95 metres wide. The bridge connects two towers making an interesting frame with a 25 sqm glass floor panel.

Dubai Frame

Dubai Frame


The Golden ratio inspired the building. It was a big challenge to make it considering its shape, various winds and environment. More than 3.600 experts including engineers, architects, and technicians worked together to make one dream come true. And they did it. This project cost the city over 230 million AED (about 60 million USD).

Dubai Frame is covered by over 15,000 square metres of gold-coloured stainless steel ring-shaped, inspired by the Expo 2020 Dubai logo.


Inside of the Dubai Frame

Dubai Frame is made only as one of the landmarks of Dubai and as a tourist attraction. There are no apartments or offices, it is just a place which connects Old Dubai on the north and the new modern Dubai.

On the Mezzanine Level, you will see a small exhibition with sound, audiovisual effects and virtual reality, which shows the past and the future of Dubai.

Dubai Frame Museum

Dubai Frame Museum


Then, the elevator takes you to the 48th floor, to the Sky Deck level in 75 seconds.

On the top, there is a glass panel, which changes from translucent to transparent when you walk over it. Even if the skywalk seems a little bit scary, don’t worry. The glass is crack-proof and made of the highest-quality materials.

Dubai Frame and Sky Walk

Skywalk in the Dubai Frame


Well, it is so exciting to look down and see the ground under your feet 🙂
Just relax, have a coffee and enjoy the panoramic view of Dubai.

After the skywalk, you can see the interactive installation which shows how Dubai Frame was built. Before the exit, you can buy various souvenirs or a photo taken by a professional camera above a glass skywalk.


Location, open time and ticket price

Location: Zabeel Park Gate 4 in Dubai.
It is easily accessed through Gate 4 from Sheikh Rashid Road by car/taxi. Also, you can reach Zabeel Park through Al Jafiliya Metro Station, just prepare for a walk.

Opening hours: every day from 9 AM to 9 PM, but check the schedule during Ramadan and public holidays.
The price ticket is 52 AED (approximately 14 EUR) for adults, and 20 AED (6,5 EUR) for kids 3-12 years.
Entrance is free for kids under 3 years and for the people of determination and their companions.

You can take a ticket on the site, but it is a better way to book it online.

NOTE: It is advised to come at least 30 minutes to one hour earlier because of the crowd and security checks.



Dubai Frame looks marvellous in the sun.
And when the night comes, it shines in various colours making this building more fascinating.

Dubai Frame by Night

Dubai Frame by night


 The best views of Palm Island

Dubai is worldwide known for the Palm Jumeirah, an artificial island shaped like a palm tree.
Many hotels, resorts, hotel residences, and residential units are on the island. I will write about it in the following post, but now let’s mention two more sites with the best views in Dubai.



The View at the Palm 

The tallest building located in the heart of the Palm Jumeirah is the Palm Tower.
It is 240 metres high and it has 52 floors. The tower is a part of the Nakheel Mall shopping centre with 300 shops, restaurants, and entertainment.
So, 5* star hotel St. Regis Dubai with 290 luxurious rooms occupies the first 18 floors of this tower. Then, from the 19th to the 47th floor there are 432  luxury residential apartments. On the 51st floor, there is SushiSamba restaurant with dishes of Japanese, Peruvian and Brazilian cuisine.

Then, on the 52nd floor, there is The View at the Palm observatory deck. It offers fascinating panoramic 360-degree views of Palm Jumeirah and the Arabian Gulf.
The ticket costs approximately about 25 EUR (100 AED), and more, depending on the hours and visit months.

But there is another popular attraction from where we enjoyed the view of Palm Jumeirah.
On the 50th floor and height of 210 metres, there is AURA, the best infinity pool in Dubai 🙂


AURA Skypool

Above the observatory, there is AURA Skypool. It is the first and the highest infinity pool in the world with 360 views of the city.

Since it has become a must-visit place in Dubai, a reservation is necessary more than one month in advance because it is always crowded. The entry to the pool is from St. Regis Hotel.

Aura Skypool and the View of Palm Jumierah Island

Aura Skypool and the view of Palm Jumeirah Island and Atlantis Hotel


The pool depth is 125 cm the full way around. It is divided into four sections looking at various views of the city: Burj al Arab, city Skyline, Dubai Marina & Ain Dubai, and Palm View. But no matter which part you reserve, you can go around the pool and see the entire city.
Actually, everybody is in the pool, taking selfies or posing at the edge of the infinity pool 🙂

Dubai Aura Skypool

Enjoying the best views of Dubai from the Aura Skypool


AURA Skypool: price of thickets and facilities

Check out the ticket prices because they depend on the time, the views, and the rows of sunbeds and cabanas.
For example, in the sunrise term from 6 AM to 9 AM, the price goes from 250 AED (62 EUR) per person to 775 AED (193 EUR) for a cabana with 2 people in the evening term.

The price includes swimming in the pool, sunbed, 1 complimentary towel, and changing facilities with lockers, dryers and showers.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner are available to the visitors, as well as vegan and vegetarian dishes. Also, there are smoothies, tea, cocktails, coffee, wine and alcoholic beverages. Take a look at the menu, and choose delicious dishes.
To satisfy your senses, you can enjoy massage treatments, as well.

Access to AURA: only guests older than 15 years are allowed access, and, after 7 PM, only guests older than 21. The children between 15 to 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
Smoking is allowed in outdoor areas, but not inside.


Aura events

Both the interior and exterior are fantastically decorated.
By the way, the AURA pool organizes parties and events with live music and DJs, such as birthday parties, fashion shows, yoga classes, corporate events, product promotions, and weddings. Also, you can be there for New Year’s Eve or celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Is it worth visiting it? Oh, yes, it is one of my best pleasure experiences 🙂
The 360 view of Dubai is breathtaking, whether it is sunrise, day, sunset or night.

Sunrise at the Aura Skypool Dubai

Sunrise at the Aura Skypool and the best views of Dubai


The best views of Dubai: Sky View Observatory

One more place with amazing views of Dubai is the Sky View Observatory.
It is located in the Twin Address Sky View Hotel in Downtown Dubai, close to Burj al Khalifa. It consists of two identical towers at 220 meters high.

Dubai Sky View Twin by Day and Night

Dubai Sky View Twin, by day and by night


Well, the view from the Observatory at 219.5 meters above Dubai is amazing. You can walk on the 46-metre glass floor, and enjoy spectacular views of the city’s streets.

Dubai Skywalk View

Skywalk View


But there is something more… An adrenaline experience includes an outdoor glass slide taking visitors from level 53 at 219.5 m to level 52 at 215.5 m, in a transparent glass tube!

Sky View and Glass Slide

Sky View and the glass slide on the 53rd floor


Definitely, it is a unique experience. Even if it lasts a few seconds, just the thought that you are sliding on the glass and looking at the cars riding on the street below makes your adrenaline higher 🙂

Sky View Glass Slide Dubai

Memory of the glass slide


Since it is a very popular tourist attraction, it is better to purchase tickets online and be there 30 minutes earlier, especially during peak hours.

Take a look at the skywalk and glass sliding 🙂







And for the ones who want more adrenaline adventure, there is Edge Walk.
Do you dare to for a hands-free walk on the external edge of the building? Who knows, one day, we can try it 🙂 The price ticket for this exciting adventure is AED 504 (125 EUR).

Dubai Sky View and Walk on the Edge

Edge Walk on the Sky View


CÉ LA VI, a restaurant with a view

After this adventure, you can have lunch in the CÉ LA VI restaurant. It is located in the second twin building of Sky View.
The name “CÉ LA VI” is the owner’s interpretation of the popular French saying “C’est la vie”. The concept was born in Southeast Asia, and besides this one in Dubai, there are more CE LA VI restaurants in Tokyo, Singapore and Taipei.

Dubai Sky View Towers

Sky View Towers


CÉ LA VI is a Micheline guide restaurant curated by Chef Howard Ko. You can enjoy various dishes from an A la carte menu, a Vegan menu, a Brunch menu or a Lunch set menu which has the best price.

The lunch set menu goes from 140 to 180 AED (35-45 EUR), which includes a starter, main dish and dessert. You can choose your meal from a few suggestions. Take note that these lunch sets are changing.
The food was so delicious! So, we took Burrata salads, Pistachio housemade tagliatelle and roasted salmon. And for dessert, we tasted a vegan chilli mango tart and a chocolate salted caramel tart.

We drank a refreshing Pink grapefruit cocktail (50 AED, about 12 EUR), but there are wines and beers on the menu as well.

Delicious Lunch in the Ce La Vi Restaurant

Delicious lunch in the CÉ LA VI restaurant


Since it is very crowded, make your reservation on time. Lunch is served every day from 12 PM to 4 PM, but lunch set menu from Monday to Friday, 12 PM to 3 PM.

There is a place on the open terrace of the restaurant, which became popular owing to Instagram followers and influencers. It is a gold-coloured swing, decorated with red flowers.

And it looks fabulous, with a fantastic view of the Burj al Khalifa and Downtown Dubai in the background 🙂

Dubai Ce La Vi Restaurant

A swing at the CÉ LA VI restaurant


Next to the CÉ LA VI, there is the infinity pool, one more place to enjoy the best views of Dubai.

Dubai Sky View Pool and Burj Al Khalifa

Sky View Pool and a view of Burj al Khalifa


The best views in Dubai from the air

Even the skyscrapers offer a fantastic look at the city, the best views in Dubai can be seen from the air as well.

  • Helicopter tours
    Usually, the ride lasts from 12 minutes to 25 minutes, and the price is from 175 EUR to 322 EUR per person.
    You can enjoy wonderful views of Burj al Arab, Palm Jumeirah, the Atlantis Palm Hotel, Dubai Creek, JBR, Burj al Khalifa, etc.
  • Hot Air Balloon Tours
    This excursion includes a 40 to 70-minute hot air balloon ride, bedouin breakfast in bedouin camp, and riding camels. The price is approximately from 250 to 375 EUR per person.
  • Skydive Experience at The Palm
    Well, this is a lifetime experience! First, fly up to 13,000ft into Dubai’s sky, and then free-falling for nearly 60 seconds. Don’t worry, you are securely attached in a harness to a world-class instructor.
    This adrenaline adventure costs 620 EUR per person. And you will get photos and professionally edited video to remember this fantastic skydiving experience.


  • Ain Dubai – known as the Dubai Eye
    Located on Bluewaters Island, it is the world’s tallest and most giant observation wheel, launched in October 2021. From the glass capsules, it can be seen the Dubai coastline, the Arabian Gulf and many skylines.
    Unfortunately, it has been closed since March 2022 for security reasons and enhancement works. There are some rumours that the Ain Dubai is too heavy for the island.
    Well, until the reopening, we can enjoy the fantastic night light show which can be seen from a long distance.
Dubai Ain by Night

Dubai Ain by night


The best views of Dubai

Well, Dubai has a lot to offer to its residents and tourists.
Whether you admire the view from Burj Khalifa, the Sky View, Dubai Frame, Marina Dubai, or enjoy one of the sky pools or shopping, you will be certainly impressed by the size and number of architectural achievements in Dubai.

Thanking human ambition and creativity, the former fishing village became the centre of trade and luxury.
And there are more and more new skyliners and tourist attractions.


Indeed, it seems that the sky is the only limit for Dubai.

Uae Dubai

Dubai Marina


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