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Oplenac, the church and Royal Mausoleum

Oplenac is mostly known as the Mausoleum of the Serbian Royal…
Sremski Karlovci

Sremski Karlovci, the baroque wine town

The romantic town of Sremski Karlovci is nestled on the northeastern…
Fruškogorski Manastiri

Monasteries of Fruška Gora

Fruška gora is a verdant mountain range stretching across the…
Sirogojno house and Gostilje Waterfal

Sirogojno Village and Gostilje Waterfall

Sirogojno village and Gostilje waterfall are must-see places…
Stopića cave, Zlatibor, Stopića pećina

Stopića Cave, a unique Zlatibor attraction

Are you planning to spend a weekend somewhere in Serbia? Think…
TOB presentation, Sofia 2023

TOB promotion of Belgrade Winter in Sofia

TOB (Tourist Organisation of Belgrade) held the promotion on…
Orašac, Statua Vožd Karadjordje

Orašac, the birthplace of the Serbian state

Orašac is a small village in the municipality of Aranđelovac…
Đavolja varoš, The Devil's town

The Devil’s Town, a natural phenomenon in Serbia

The Devil’s Town (Đavolja varoš) is a rare natural phenomenon, located…
Portraits: Karadjordje and Prince Milos Obrenovic

Exhibition “Serbian Royal Portraits”

The exhibition "Serbian Royal Portraits" is a place where the…
Manastir Žiča, Monastery Žića

Žiča, the Serbian monastery colored in red

Žiča is a Serbian monastery from the beginning of the 13th…
Manasija monastery

Manasija, the Serbian fortified monastery

Manasija is one of the most important monuments of medieval Serbian…
Personal jewelry Natania travel

Personal Jewellery, something really personal

When you step into Personal Jewellery, located in Belgrade's…