Sailing Around Milos Kleftiko Jedrenje

Sailing around the incredible Milos island

Sailing is a fantastic adventure. It is a thousand years old and it still attracts people. One-day trip or more days (weeks) is one of the most popular ways to relax and have a great vacation.

During one of our summer holidays, my sister and I took a one-day sailing trip around the beautiful Milos Island. It is situated at the southernmost part of the Cyclades island complex in Greece. Its volcanic origin gave Milos a magnificent colourful landscape and a coastline with more than 70 beaches. Some of them are accessible only by sea.

Milos is also known as „the island of colours”.
And sailing is the best way to see the natural beauty of the island and what it looks like.

Kleftiko Rocks

Kleftiko bay


How to book a sailing trip

Sea excursions are organized from Adamas, Milos’s main port every day. Also, some sea trips are possible from Pollonia Port, a fishing village on the northeast of the island. From Pollonia you can also take a ferryboat to the neighbouring Kimolos Island.

Since sailing boats use the force of the wind, you have to check the expected weather conditions. So, low and average wind and waves are very good for these excursions. For example, we had to wait a few days for the wind to calm down because it was very strong on those days in July. Actually, it was Meltemi, a strong, dry north wind blowing in the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. The Meltemi wind blows from mid-May to mid-September. It is good for sailing. But if Meltemi is very strong, it could be dangerous, and sometimes even ferries cannot operate.

So, there are a few agencies in Adamas port where you can book your sailing excursion. It could be a private trip or a group excursion with small boats, catamarans, or luxury yachts, depending on your budget. We chose a daily trip by a catamaran organized by the Drougas agency. Usually, sailing groups include 8 to 20 people. The trip lasts about 10 hours, from 9.30 to 19.30h. During the sailing, we had lunch, free drinks, and fruit. Therefore, just take your sunblock, sunglasses, towel, and a good mood for this sailing adventure.

Sailing trip

Our sailing trip started at 9:30 from Adamantas port (or Adamas) with a Galis IV catamaran.

Galis Catamaran Adamas Port

Sailing with Galis catamaran, Adamas port


The day was beautiful, with a lot of sun and Meltemi as well.
Adamas is natural golf which makes it a perfect place for the port.

Adamas Port Milos

Adamas Port, Milos


Klima fishing village

We passed by the golf and first, we saw an unusual scene: the holes in the rocks below the village of Trypiti.
Actually, there were catacombs, which once were burial grounds over 2.000 years ago.
More about the history of the catacombs of Milos you can read here.

Catacombs of Milos Sailing Around Milos

Catacombs of Milos


A small fisherman’s village Klima is nestled close to the catacombs.
It consists of tiny white houses, with colourful doors and windows. It is a specific village because the ground floor is used as a garage for the boat, also known in Greek as “Sirmata”. On the floor, there are apartments and some of them could be rented during the summer.

Klima Village Milos Island

A view of Klima village from sailing trip


The volcanic origin of Milos Island is the reason for fascinating rock formations of different shapes, colours, and sizes.

Milos Rock Formation

Sailing around Milos’s fascinating rocks


Arkoudes rock

One of the most interesting rocks is Arkoudes, a group of rocky islets on the northern side of Milos.
It can be reached only by boat during the island tours.
Also, one rock is known as the Rabbit Rock, because it looks like a rabbit.

Milos Island Arkoudes or Rabbit Rock

Milos island Arkoudes


But, when you look at it from the other side, the view is changed.
Then it looks like the bear’s head and some people call it the Bear Rock.
Rabbit or bear, it looks amazing. But in my view, it is a rabbit rock 🙂

Milos Island Arkoudes or Rabbit Rock

Milos island Arkoudes or Rabbit rock


Sarakiniko beach

One of the most famous and photographed beaches in Milos is Sarakiniko. Actually, it is a huge white volcanic rock that looks like a lunar landscape. It has a little sand beach and deep blue water. Sarakiniko is a fascinating place.

👉🏖️ More about this and other beaches in Milos you will find in my post here.

Sarakiniko Beach

Sarakiniko Beach and rocks


Sailing around Glaronisia islets

Sailing around Milos we found Glaronisia islets.
Well, this is a real piece of the art of nature. And it looks like a stone kiss 🙂

Glaronisia Kiss of the Rocks

Glaronisia, the kiss of the rocks


Amazing rocks are shaped in hexagonal columns and can be seen only during island tours.
Simply, there are no words that could describe this unusual rock formation!

Glaronisia Rocks Milos

Glaronisia rocks, Milos


Paliorema beach and Thiorichna

On the eastern side of Milos Island lies Paliorema. It is a bay with crystal emerald water and yellow pebbles. Actually, it used to be a sulfur mine, but it was closed in 1978. Nestled between the colourful rocks and cliffs, it looks still amazing and ghostly as well.

Paliorema Bay Sulphur Mine

Paliorema Bay, sulphur mine


The abandoned mine constructions, train tracks, carriages, the ruins of workshops, and office buildings make this bay a unique place on the island. We stopped there for a short swimming pause and then continued our trip. This remarkable beach can be reached by boat or by car from the village of Zefiria.

Paliorema Sulphur Mine

Paliorema Bay and abounded sulfur mine


Firligos rocks

Sailing around Milos is an amazing way to see all the colours of rocks.

Sailing Around Milos Rocks

Sailing around Milos rocks


So, words can’t describe all the shades of white, grey, and red colours of the rocks.
One of the most impressive beaches is Firligos. And it is accessible only by boat.

Firlligos Beach Milos

Firlligos beach, Milos


And when we thought that we had seen the most beautiful rocks, Milos’ coast surprised us more with new magnificent views.

Red Volcanic Rocks Milos Island

Red volcanic rocks, Milos island

Gerakas beach

On the southern side of the island, there is the Gerakas beach, between Tsigrado and Aghia Kyriaki beaches.
It is surrounded by interesting white rocks. And this beach can only be reached by boat, usually during excursions.

Gerakos Milos

Gerakos Beach, Milos


Tsigrado beach

One of the most interesting beaches is Tsigrado, located in the south of Milos.
It is accessible by a small boat, but also by road. Actually, this access is the most difficult. So when you arrive at the top of the cliff, you have to descend by a narrow passage between the rocks with a rope and over the wooden ladders…
👉🏖️ Well, you can read more about this adventure and stunning Milos beaches here.

Tsigardo Beach

Tsigardo beach


Sailing around Kleftiko

Just like Sarakiniko Beach, Kleftiko is one of the most photographed places in Milos.
It is located on the southwest cape of Milos, about 14 nautical miles away from Adamantas port.

Famous Kleftiko Rocks Milos

Famous Kleftiko rocks, Milos


This bay is accessible only by boat. Kleftiko is a fantastic place with high white-grey rocks.
They are of different shapes and sizes. And you don’t know where to look first!
It is amazing to see what nature has created for thousands of years.

White Rocks in Kleftiko Bay

White rocks in Kleftiko Bay


Otherwise, Kleftiko got its name after the Greek word “kleftis” which means “thief”. By the way, during the Turkish occupation of the island, the Kleftiko Bay was a base for pirates, who used it to hide the plundered treasure in many caves.

The water is crystal clear so you can swim and snorkel between the rocks, as well.

Kleftiko Rocks and Turquoise Water

Kleftiko rocks and turquoise water


Kleftiko is a must-stop place for sea excursions. We spent there almost two hours bathing, snorkelling,
taking photos, and we had lunch as well: spaghetti with seafood and Greek salad.

Sailing Kleftiko Milos

Sailing,  Kleftiko Bay, Milos


Also, you can see yachts and catamarans anchored in the bay.

Kleftiko Bay Milos

Yachts in Kleftiko Bay


Sykia cave

Going farther around the island, we saw rocks with an unusual shaded mix of white, grey, brown, and black.

White black Rocks Milos Island

White-black rocks, Milos island


One rock fascinated me particularly because of the white image, in the centre.
It reminded me of the head of some animal 🙂

Sailing Around Unusual Rocks

Sailing around unusual rocks


And close to this rock, there is a famous Sykia cave.
It is a natural cave, the roof of which collapsed, and access is possible only by small boats.
And some sail agencies organize a lunch break in this cave.

Sykia Cave Milos

Sykia Cave, Milos


We just passed by the entrance to the cave and continued our trip around more amazing rocks in the sea.

Sailing Milos Island

Amazing rocks


At the end of our sailing trip, the captain offered us ouzo, a famous Greek drink.
And he took one photo of our group as a souvenir.

Sailing with Drougas Agency Milos

Our sailing group with the Drougas Sailing agency


Sailing, a unique experience

Despite how long your sailing trip lasts, it is a great experience.
And some people live on sailing boats all over the year and sail around the world. Oh, yeah, it could be an amazing and exciting life. Actually, people fall in love with sailing because of the excitement and desire to discover new places and to connect with nature.


The Meltemi wind blows bringing salty drops onto your face and you feel so alive and free.

So when I am sad and in a bad mood, I just remember these wonderful moments.
And I feel happy and free again, just like the rolling waves on the blue and restless sea.

Sailog Around Milos

Sailing around Milos



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