Osmium small round bars, Osmium-Institute GmbH

Osmium, the sparkling “Element of the Sun”

Osmium is the last discovered precious metal and it is also the rarest metal in the world. Therefore, the steady increase of its price and value is not surprising.
Due to its uniqueness, in the last few years, it has been a demand in the market of investment metals. It is used in the production of exclusive jewellery as well.

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Let me tell you something more about this interesting and sparkling metal.


Osmium story

What does osmium look like?

Well, as you know, precious metals are rare and natural metallic chemical elements of high economic value.
They are less reactive than other elements and usually have a high lustre. Throughout history, precious metals were used as currency, but also as an investment and for various industrial purposes.

The most famous metals among them are gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, and also there are iridium, rhodium, and ruthenium. Osmium is the eighth precious metal and it is the rarest non-radioactive element in the world. It was discovered by the chemist Smithson Tennant in 1804 in  London, at the same time as iridium.

Since osmium tetroxide has a strong, chlorine-like odour, Tennant named it after the Greek word “osme”, which means smell, odour. In 1814, Jöns Jakob Berzelius assigned the present symbol Os to Osmium. Its atomic number is 76.

Actually, osmium is a by-product of platinum, meaning that it depends on the platinum market.
For example, it is necessary about 10.000 tons of platinum ores to get one ounce of osmium. It is very limited, approximately, mineable reserves are only 17 cubic meters. It can be found in Russia, Canada, South Africa and the USA.

Osmium structure, Osmium-Institut GmbH

Osmium structure, photo by Osmium-Institut GmbH


Some facts about the osmium

Since I heard about osmium, I have found some very interesting information about it.
But don’t worry, it will not be one of „those“ chemistry lessons😊

Osmium is the densest metal of all the elements, and it is twice as dense as lead.
♦ It is a sparkling silvery-blue metal.
Osmium has the highest abrasion resistance and it is an excellent gamma radiation shield.
♦ It is harder than diamond, and it is a very effective superconductor at low temperatures.
Raw osmium looks like a sponge, and it is extremely toxic. In 2013, a team of Swiss scientists crystallized raw osmium and made it safe for humans and various uses.

Osmium, photo by Osmium Institute

Osmium crystal, photo by Osmium Institute


♦ Since 2014, The Osmium-Institut zur Inverkehrbringung und Zertifizierung von Osmium GmbH, the German registered headquarters has been preparing crystallized osmium for the market.
Crystallization is done for months at a temperature of 3,600 degrees.
♦ Because of its specific crystal structure, every piece of osmium is unique and it is more accurate than the human fingerprint. This makes osmium impossible for counterfeiting and reproducing.
1 pure ounce of osmium = 31.1 g, and it is 99,9995 %.


The exclusivity of osmium

For the last few years, osmium has become a new investment in the global market. Considering the fact that investors want precious metals to be a safe investment, osmium has also four items of exclusivity that ensure its security.

First of all, only The Swiss Crystallization Laboratory in the whole world is able to perform the crystallization process.

Second thing: every piece of crystalline osmium is certified, measured, and scanned at the osmium Institute in Germany. Actually, every piece of osmium has its eight-character alphanumeric code, known as The Osmium Identification Code (OIC) and QR code. These codes are stored in a decentralized manner and cannot be hacked. All data about osmium pieces are put in The Osmium-World-Database.

The cooperation and contract between The Swiss Crystallization Laboratory and The Osmium Institute in Germany are not limited by time and that is the third exclusivity. Also, osmium can be transferred or sold to another person anywhere in the world in a few seconds with the Owner Change Code.

The last security point refers to the exclusive procurement rights provided by the osmium institutes with the world’s sources of raw osmium. Ant that leads to its exceptional characteristic: rarity.

Osmium Disk, Osmium-Institut GmbH

Osmium Disk, photo by Osmium-Institut GmbH


Use of osmium 

Besides being an investment and a substitute for diamonds in jewellery, osmium has other specific uses.
It is used to produce very hard alloys for fountain pen tips, instrument pivots, phonograph needles and electrical contacts.
Also, it is used in the chemical industry as a catalyst, in microscope slides and medical implants such as pacemakers.

By the way, osmium has 1,500 times rarer than gold and 2,500 times rarer than silver. According to the forecast, the demand for osmium will increase in the next five years.


Jewellery and watches with osmium

The glow of osmium makes it perfect for making beautiful pieces of jewellery.

Oh, yes, my dears, this “Element of the Sun” is reflected like thousands of tiny mirrors!

Osmium jewelry, Osmium-Institut GmbH

Oslery jewellery with osmium, photo by Osmium-Institut GmbH


In a word, it sparkles more than diamonds. Well, some clients want to have unique and expensive jewellery 🙂

 Osmium Institut GmbH

Sparkling Osmium


 Shapes of osmium

By the way, Osmium can be bought in various forms and dimensions.
For example, there are round plates (discs), rectangular-edged bars, and triangles.

Osmium disc and bar

Osmium disc and bar


Also, osmium can be in form of letters, numbers, or special symbols a shooting star, note, heart, lizard, cat, elephant, etc. And of course, there are custom-made pieces in 2D or in special 3D shapes.

Jewellery with osmium, photo by Osmium-institut-Slovenija

Jewellery with osmium, photo by Osmium Institut GmbH


Hm, I don’t know about you, but I am already imagining a stunning pair of earrings and neckless with osmium crystals 🙂


NT Jewellery, an earring with osmium


Definitely, osmium is becoming a more and more popular element for exclusive jewellery.

Oslery GmbH jewellery with osmium

Oslery GmbH jewellery with osmium


Take a look at the Aqua Wave Ring with white and rose gold, blue sapphire, diamonds and osmium made by Myriam SOS designer in cooperation with Osmium Institute from Cyprus. This ring won the first award in the category “Innovation of the Year” at the NAJ Awards 2019 (National Association of Jewellers) in London.

Aqua Wave Ring by Myriam SOS, I NAJ Awards 2019, London

Aqua Wave Ring by Myriam SOS, NAJ Awards 2019, London


On the other hand, once used as jewellery, it is lost for investors because of its final shape.
It means that the osmium piece needs to be recycled, which could destroy its specific crystalline structure.

Stars osmium and rings with osmium, photo by Osmium-institut-Slovenija

Stars osmium and rings with osmium, photo by Osmium-Institut


Also, world-famous companies such as Hublot and Ulysee Nardin use osmium in their products. Hublot has incorporated it into a watch “The Classic Fusion Firmament”, while Ulysee Nardin made a dial from osmium for “The Executive Tourbillon Free Wheel Osmium”.

Hublot and Ulysse Nardin watches with osmium,

Hublot and Ulysse Nardin watches with Osmium


Trading with the rarest precious metal

In accordance with the present situation in the world, there is a shortage of investment gold and a slow supply. The money is declining due to constant printing and inflation, which we are facing every day in the markets.

So, osmium, as the rarest precious metal in the world is another solution as an investment product. Also, experts predict that it will be no longer exploited in less than ten years. This is popularly called the “Osmium Big Bang”, which will affect the exponential growth of prices of this metal.

Osmium is not yet traded on the stock exchange. Its price is the spot price generated every day in Switzerland, taking into account the supply of raw osmium, the demand for crystalline osmium and other factors.

The most important thing is that this price is unique for the entire world market,
which excludes any irregularities and manipulations in sales.

But it is interesting to know that the price of osmium has increased by 45% since 2019.

Osmium-institut-Slovenija, Osmium Snowflake

Photo by Osmium Institut GmbH, Osmium Snowflake


At every moment, everyone could check osmium prices, from the smallest osmium pieces to the large investment boxes with discs that are perfect for larger investments. Every purchase of osmium is based on the weight of the osmium and its geometry because different shapes imply different production costs.

Currently, one gram costs about 1.750 euros. And you can take a look at osmium prices here.


Osmium institutes in the world

There are 30 Osmium institutes worldwide, including the institute in Serbia.

The main institute is Osmium-Institut GmbH in Germany which is managed by Dr Ingo Wolf.  Its main tasks are researching, and to ensure a standardized trade with crystallized osmium. The institute supplies registered merchants and partners, and give them all the important information about Osmium.

The work of the Osmium Institutes is managed by The Osmium-World Council. It is an independent group of various partners of experts in financial affairs. Last year in June, they organized the annual international osmium symposium in Dubai, where leaders from the world of osmium discussed customs regulations, new approaches, and goals for the future.

In Serbia, you can buy the osmium from the company “Insignitus GOLD”,
This company is known as a pioneer in the development of the investment gold market. Also, their initiative was to an exemption of VAT, which created conditions for the development of the market of precious metals.


The package

The purchase of osmium for business partners and final customers is available at www.buy-osmium.com.
By the way, every piece of osmium is packed in protective foil boxes marked with OIC (Osmium Identification Code).
Also, a package includes OCC (Owner Change Code), branded USB stick, a lamp, a brochure, and information material.

Delivery time is between 1 and 6 weeks, depending on the order. Full advance payment is necessary.

Osmium Disk Verpackung, Osmium-Institut GmbH

Photo by Osmium-Institut GmbH: Osmium Disc packing


Investment or jewellery, that is the question

At this moment, the osmium market is still relatively new.
But there is also a great chance for everyone who now decides to invest because the market is still developing.
The price of osmium is stable and it is still increasing.

So, you can choose to keep your money investing in properties, land or precious metals including osmium as well.
Or you can order some shining pieces of jewellery.


And who knows, maybe osmium crystals become “The new girl’s best friends” 🙂


Osmium Diamonds, Osmium-Institut GmbH

Osmium diamonds, Osmium-Institute GmbH



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