Milos Fyriplaka Beach

Milos beaches, the hidden gems of Cyclades

Milos beaches are simply wonderful.
Thanks to its volcanic origin, Milos is known as the „island of colours“. The beaches look completely unreal!
In a word, it is difficult to explain all the shades and colours of the rocks all around the island.

Volcanic Colorful Pebbles Milos Paliochori Beach

Volcanic colourful pebbles on Paliochori beach


There are more than 70 beaches and about 140 km of coastline. And every beach is specific and different. Of course, it is not possible to visit all of them during a one or two-week vacation. For example, the fascinating beaches are Sarakiniko, Paliochori, Fyriplaka, Tsigardo, Paliorema, Kleftiko, etc.

On Milos, you can find organized and isolated beaches. Some of them are reachable only by sea or during sailing excursions.
So, you can choose sand or pebble beaches, but the water is crystal clear all around the island. Just relax and enjoy the magic of Milos, the westernmost island in the Cyclades.

The colourful beaches of Milos

Milos Island is horse-shoe-shaped. Actually, in the middle is a large nature gulf, formed as a result of the volcanic eruption.

Milos Map

Map of the Milos Island


So the beaches are in the gulf and all around the island. One of the best ways to see the natural beauty of the island is by organizing a sailing excursion. If you have enough time, take this trip because sailing around the island is an unforgettable experience.

Sailing Around Milos Rocks

Sailing around Milos rocks


The beaches on the island’s gulf

So let’s say something about the most popular beaches.

In the middle of the island, on the left of the Adamas port and along the road, there is Papikinou Beach.
It is ideal for families with small children because of the shallow water, tree-shaded parts, sunbeds and umbrellas. Also, a famous and very interesting tavern O Chamos (Ω! Χαμός) is located near the beach. It is convenient if you are located in Adamas, so you can spend a few hours or a day on the beach. We visited it the first day when we arrived because we were tired after our flight from Belgrade to Athens and then a ferry trip to Milos.

Milos Adamas Papikinou Beach

Papikinou beach near Adamas


In the gulf, about 5 km from Adamas, there is also a sandy and long beach called Hivadolimni, good for families with children.

Going around the gulf to the north, there is Klima, a small fishing village. Actually, it is not an ordinary beach, because tiny houses are located in the narrow space between the rocks and the sea.

Klima Village Milos Island

Klima, the tiny houses and small beach


The beaches on the northern side 

Going to the north, there is Plathiena, about 4 km from Plaka, the main city on the island. It is a white sandy beach with turquoise shallow water and it is partly organized.
Then, in the north, there is Firopotamos beach, in a small and nice bay with tiny traditional fishermen’s houses.


Sarakiniko beach

One of the most popular beaches and landmarks of the island is Sarakiniko.
It is accessible by car or bus. Well, it is completely different from any other beaches I have ever seen. Also, it is known as “the moon beach” because it looks like you are walking on the Moon’s surface. The huge white rock looks unbelievable!

Sarakiniko Beach

Sarakiniko beach


It is a real piece of natural art made of volcanic lava, wind, and seawater.

Amazing Sarakiniko

Fascinating Sarakiniko


Walking down the steep slope, you can see a lot of different shapes of white small and big rocks. It is easy to walk, but it is not as solid as it looks. Sometimes the north wind could be strong and you have to take care where you step.

Milos Sarakiniko

White Sarakiniko rock


And nestled between the white hills, there is a narrow valley with a small sand beach and shallow water.
It is not an organized beach, so bring water, food, and an umbrella with you.

Milos Sarakiniko

Little bay of Sarakiniko


Sarakiniko shapes

So you can walk around Sarakiniko all day, bathe, and dive in the crystal water in underwater caves below white dunes connected by arches.

During the day, Sarakiniko is glittery white. But when the sun is going down, the view is spectacular. The white rocks got unusual shades and the whole place became unreal and mystique. And you can take a thousand photos and you will still miss something 🙂

Sarakiniko Amazing Shapes of the Rocks Milos

Amazing shapes of the white rocks of Sarakiniko


One of the most interesting parts is exactly this white arch, to see and walk around.

Milos Sarakiniko Sunset



And when the waves are crashing through the narrow passage between the rocks… Well, it looks amazing 🙂

Milosm Sarakiniko

Water drops of Sarakiniko


In the “hill”, there are a few holes like catacombs, which used to be the underground pirate shelters.
And the “Sarakiniko” got its name from the Saracene pirates who used this area as their base.

Milos Sarakiniko Sunsset

Sarakiniko white rocks with tunnels


Papafragas beach

Going further to the northeast part of the island, there are two small beaches, Alogomandra and Kapros.

And between them, there is Papafragas Beach. Actually, it is a sea cave, once used by pirates. So you can walk down to the beach by slippery steps carved in the rock. There is a small sandy beach, for maximum dozen people. And you can swim into the cave and exit on the other side.

Papafragas Sea Cave Milos

Papafragas sea cave and beach


It is a nice place but it’s ideal to spend a whole day because it is rather small.
Close to the Papafragas cave, you can see the remains of the ancient city of Phylakopi, the former capital of Milos Island.

Milos Papafragas

Around Papagragas beach


And in the far north of the island, there is Pollonia, a sandy beach with trees, near the fishing village of Pollonia. It is surrounded by a restaurant and café, and it is accessible by bus/car. Pollonia is the second port on Milos Island as well.


Milos beaches on the east side 

There are a few quiet and pebbled beaches on the east side such as Voudia, Kastanas, Tria Pigadia, and Kolimpisionas, but we didn’t visit them.

Going further to the north, after them, there is the famous Paliorema beach, which can be reached by boat or by car from the village Zefiria. During our one-day sailing trip around Milos, we stopped there for a short swimming break. It is a very interesting and unusual beach considering that there is an abounding sulfur mine next to it.

Even today you can see there the remains of the mine’s construction, tracks, and a few ruined buildings. The water is emerald and crystal clear, and the sand and pebbles are golden-yellow.

Paliorema Milos Beaches Milos Plaže

Paliorema beach with abounded sulfur mine


Milos beaches on the south

In my opinion, in the south, there are a few most beautiful beaches on the island.


Paliochori beach

In the southeast of the island, there is a fantastic Paliochori beach, located about 10 km from Adamas. It is accessible by car following the paved road from the village Zephyria and by bus as well. It is about 2 km long and it consists of three smaller beaches. All around Paliochori, you can find several taverns, bars, and rooms for rent as well.

The first one is Deep Blue, an organized beach with sunbeds and umbrellas.

Paliochori Beach Milos

Paliochori beach, Milos


On the top, there is a beach bar Deep blue with a fantastic view.

Paliochori Deep Blue

Paliochori Beach, Deep blue


Paliochori is a combination of sand and pebbles, and the colour of the water explains its name 🙂

Deep Blue Paliochori Beach

Deep blue, Paliochori beach


The volcanic rocks are fascinating!
The shades of red, white, yellow, violet and grey colours are mixed fantastically.

Milos Paliochori

Colourful Paliochori rocks


It could be made only by Mother Nature!

Milos Paliochori

The fantastic mix of colours


Although it is one of the most popular beaches, you don’t feel it is crowded.
And there is also the non-organized part of the beach where you can put your towel and umbrella.

Paliochori Beach Milos

Paliochori beach, Milos


Walking around the beach, we couldn’t stop admiring the remarkable shapes of the rocks.

Colorull Paliohori Beach

The rocks on Paliochori beach


And this part completely blew my mind!

Milos Paliochori

Milos Paliochori


Depending on the spot you are standing on the beach, it seems that the rock changes its shape.
This side reminds me of the face with closed eyes, nose, and sealed lips.

Milos Paliochori

Paliochori unusual rock


And from this position, the shape, and the colours are different!
There is a small stone passage at the bottom of the rock. And depending on the tides, you can go through it and go out to the other side.

Milos Paliochori

The colours of the rock


After Paliohori, there is Aghia Kiriakì, a long and sandy beach, with beach bars, and sea activities, but we didn’t get to visit it.
Well, it is not possible to see all the fantastic beaches for a limited time 🙂


Tsigrado Beach

Well, Tsigrado Beach is unforgettable.
You can reach it by boat, but you can also go there following a paved road. In this case, you visit it at your own risk and responsibility!

the View from the Sea Tsigrado Beach

The view from the sea: Tsigrado


You have to go down through the white sandy and steep path, and it is pretty easy. Then you are coming to the narrow rock passage. And you have to descend to the beach using the rope which is not in good shape. First, you have one small wooden ladder, and then one bigger ladder placed slightly crocked. Well, that’s a catch!

It looks easy, but when you are descending with rope and ladders, you can’t see where you are going! You feel the explosion of adrenaline running through your veins, and your legs are shaking because of the unusual rocky path. The sand and small lumps of rocks are rolling around you.

Tsigrado Beach

The path to the Tsigrado beach


Going down on Tsigrado beach

As I was not in good condition, I had a spasm in my right leg in the middle of the descending. My sister and friends are already descended on the beach, and I knew that I had to do the same. So finally, I was on the little beach, with blue-emerald clear water, surrounded by cliffs. An amazing feeling 🙂

It was early in the morning, so there were only a few people. But during the day, it could be a crowd. It is not an organized beach, there is nothing around within a few kilometres. So bring with you water and food if you are planning to stay all day.

The view of the little bay surrounded by hills is breathtaking in every sense 🙂

Milos Tsigardo Beach

The view on the Tsigardo Bay


Please NOTE:

This beach is not suitable for kids and people who are not fit, and who have some health problems!
Mostly, two people can not pass each other, especially not on the ladders, which further complicates the descent and return.

the Wooden Ladders on the Tsigrado Beach

The wooden ladders on the Tsigrado beach


I can’t tell you what is worse, descending or going back, but it is an unforgettable experience for sure!

Milos Tsigardo

Tsigardo beach


Fyriplaka beach

After adventurous Tsigardo, there is a spectacular Fyriplaka beach, perfect for relaxing and enjoying all day long.
It is accessible by bus and car on rural dirt road. There is a little parking and then you walk down to the beach for about 5 minutes.

Milos Beaches Fyriplaka Beach Plaže Milosa

Milos, Fyriplaka beach


It is a long and sandy beach, surrounded by stunning volcanic rocks.
There is a small beach bar with sunbeds and umbrellas on the main part of the beach.

Fyiriplaka Beach Plaže Milosa

Amazing Fyiriplaka beach


Fyriplaka is a shallow beach with clear water and white sand, convenient for families.
And in the middle of the beach, you can see a fantastic large rock, cut in half, probably once detached from the hills.

Fyriplaka Beach Milos

The rock in the water, Fyriplaka Beach, Milos



Milos Fyriplaka

Rock cut in half



The second part of the beach is non-organized, with many colourful small and big pebbles and rocks.
In a word, I couldn’t stop looking and admiring these stunning natural sculptures!

Fyriplaka Beach Plaže Milosa Milos Beaches

Colourful pebbles on Fyriplaka beach


The view is amazing: the blue sea, clear blue sky, and colourful rocks. There are no words to describe this scene.

Fyriplaka Beach Plaže Milosa Milos Beaches

Fyriplaka beach


Definitely, it is my favourite beach on the Island 🙂

Fyriplaka Beach Milos Beaches Plaže Milosa

Fyriplaka beach, Milos


The sand, sun and sea, you don’t need anything else to be happy 🙂

Milos Firiplaka

Sun, sand, and sea


Provatas beach

In the south, there is also a Provatas beach. Since it is located in the bay, it is a good choice when the weather is windy.
Also, it is convenient for families with kids because of the shallow water and golden sand.

Milos Provatas

Long and sandy Provatas beach


And when you get tired of swimming and walking around, you can enjoy delicious Greek specialities in the restaurant on the top of the beach.

Provatos Beach Milos

The great view from the restaurant on the Provatos beach


On the west side, there are a few beaches: Katergo, Gerontas, Gerakas, which we saw on the sailing trip.


Kleftiko rocks

And of course, the landmark of Milos Island: Kleftiko.
Actually, Kleftiko is not the beach, it is a white rock formation in the bay with the same name.  The unusually shaped rocks and crystal turquoise water look unbelievable!
It is accessible only by sea during sailing trips from Adamas or Pollonia. In the bay, you can see the anchored yachts and boats as well.

👉 More about Kleftiko you can see in the post about Sailing around Milos island.

Kleftiko Rocks

Kleftiko rock formation


 Milos beaches on the west

The western side of the island is quite wild and hard to access. So the best way is to visit it by sea with boat tours. And we passed this side during the sailing trip. One of the most visited places is the Sykia, a natural cave without a roof.

Some of the west Milos beaches are Triades Beach which includes three sandy beaches close to one another, then golden sandy Agios Joannis Beach, and secluded Ammudaraki Beach.


Milos beaches

In my opinion, Milos is one of the most beautiful islands, not only in the Cyclades but also in the whole of Greece.

I immediately fell in love with Milos because of its amazing nature, fantastic colourful rock formations, and clear blue water. So if you like to visit different types of beaches, see antique places and taste delicious Greek cuisine, Milos is a perfect place for a calm, but very interesting vacation.
In addition, Milos is known as “the love island” because the famous statue of Aphrodite of Milos (Venus de Milo) was created there at the end of the Hellenistic period (323-146 BC).


And of course, the Meltemi wind is blowing and refreshing hot days and nights, making your summertime unforgettable.

Paliochori Deep Blue Beach

Paliochori, Deep blue beach



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