Monastery Žičawww,

Žiča, the Serbian monastery colored in red

  Žiča is the Serbian monastery from the beginning of the 13th century. It is one of the most important monasteries and monuments of the Serbian culture and Orthodox church.   But…

Manasija, the Serbian fortified monastery

  Manasija is one of the most important monuments of medieval Serbian culture. It is a Serbian Orthodox monastery located near the town of Despotovac in central Serbia. Manasija…

Personal Jewelry, something really personal

When you step into Personal Jewelry, located in Belgrade's Hyatt hotel, you will see a completely new world. And yes, it is a place where the magic starts. And you forget everything…

Hot & sweet jam, made of hot peppers

Some like it hot, some like it sweet, but hot & sweet, together, hm ... Maybe it seems crazy, but this combination is soooo tasty :) We present you Hot & Sweet Jam, made…