Osmium Violin in Belgrade 2023, Natania Travel

The Osmium Violin presented in Belgrade

Do you know that the Osmium Violin is the most precious violin in the world? During its World Tour, the violin came to Belgrade owing to the Novak Djokovic Foundation. This amazing event was held on 18/11/2023, but first,…
Machines Leonardo da Vinci, Belgrade 2023

Exhibition “Machines of Leonardo da Vinci”

Exhibition "Machines of Leonardo da Vinci". The interactive exhibition "Machines of Leonardo da Vinci" is travelling around Europe. For the first time, it is held in Belgrade from 7th April to 30th September 2023. Visitors…
Osmium small round bars, Osmium-Institute GmbH

Osmium, the sparkling “Element of the Sun”

Osmium is the last discovered precious metal and it is also the rarest metal in the world. Therefore, the steady increase of its price and value is not surprising. Due to its uniqueness, in the last few years, it has been…
Orašac, Statua Vožd Karadjordje

Orašac, the birthplace of the Serbian state

Orašac is a small village in the municipality of Aranđelovac in Central Serbia. It is known as the place of the First Serbian Uprising in 1804, which initiated the creation of Serbia as a modern state. Orašac Since 1979,…
Đavolja varoš, The Devil's town

The Devil’s Town, a natural phenomenon in Serbia

The Devil’s Town (Đavolja varoš) is a rare natural phenomenon, located in the southern part of Serbia, on the slopes of Radan mountain.   The Devil’s Town It is known for the specific rock formation…
Portraits: Karadjordje and Prince Milos Obrenovic

Exhibition “Serbian Royal Portraits”

Serbian Royal families The exhibition "Serbian Royal Portraits" is a place where the history of two Serbian royal families, Karadjordjević and Obrenović is intertwined. An exhibition was opened in mid-November 2019 in…
Manastir Žiča, Monastery Žića

Žiča, the Serbian monastery colored in red

Red Žiča monastery Žiča is a Serbian monastery from the beginning of the 13th century. It is one of the most important monasteries and monuments of the Serbian culture and the Orthodox church.   But…
Manasija monastery

Manasija, the Serbian fortified monastery

Manasija monastery Manasija is one of the most important monuments of medieval Serbian culture. It is a Serbian Orthodox monastery located near the town of Despotovac in central Serbia. Manasija is the endowment of Despot…
Personal-jewelry-natania travel

Personal Jewellery, something really personal

Personal Jewellery. When you step into Personal Jewellery, located in Belgrade's Hyatt hotel, you will see a completely new world. Well, it is a place where the magic starts. And you forget everything in a minute :)   Personal…
Hot chili jam ok

Hot chili jam, made of hot peppers

Jam made of hot peppers   Some like it hot, some like it sweet, but hot and sweet, together, hm... Maybe it seems crazy, but this combination is so tasty :) We present to you HOT CHILI JAM, made with hot peppers. It…