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Dambulla, the cave temple with Buddha statues

  Dambulla town is best known as a Cave temple complex. It is located in Matale district, in the central part of Sri Lanka, about 70 kilometers north of Kandy town, and 148 kilometers north-east of Colombo town. The ancient rock fortress Sigiriya is very close, about 17 kilometers. These two sites belong to the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka and you can visit both in one day if you have limited time. Dambulla caves temple was inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1991, and it became one of the most famous tourist attractions in Sri Lanka. History […]

Sigiriya, rock fortress in the middle of the jungle in Sri Lanka

  Sigiriya is also known as the Lion’s Rock. It is a rock fortress and place of the former Royal Palace. Usually, you can see the photos of Sigiriya as one of the famous cultural and tourist locations in Sri Lanka on the internet. It is inscribed on the UNESCO Heritage site list from 1982 and also declared as the eighth wonder of the world. Sigiriya is located in the Matale district, in the middle of the island, surrounded by the jungle. The impressive rock looks like someone took it and placed it in the middle of nowhere!     […]

Sri Lanka, the exotic island in the Indian Ocean

    Sri Lanka is the island country in the Indian Ocean. This green, exotic island is also known as Ceylon until 1972 when the country became a republic and got its present name: Sri Lanka. We visited it in March this year, in the organization of the Manga trip agency. Since when we get off the plane, we were surrounded by the eruption of sounds, colors, smells, and heat. Well, we didn’t know where to look and what to do first! After the first shock, we relaxed and began enjoying our fantastic journey. And Sri Lanka has so much […]

Burano, the island of lace and colorful houses 

  Burano is one of the islands in the Venetian lagoon, in northern Italy. It is a perfect place if you want to run away a little from the beautiful but usually very crowded Venice, known as “The Queen of the Adriatic“. The best periods to visit the island are in spring and summer, because of the weather and absence of fog. We visited the island in August. It was a cloudy and hot day, but despite the clouds, the view of the tiny houses painted in different colors was stunning! And we didn’t know where to look and what […]

The beautiful Bahá’í Gardens

  The Bahá’í Gardens are located in Haifa town on the Mediterranean shoreline. We visited this beautiful place during our trip to Israel. Haifa is the third-largest city in Israel, after Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Built on the slopes of Mount Carmel, the settlement has a history spanning more than 3,000 years.If you have time, visit Haifa and enjoy its warm hospitality. There are many historic sites, museums, restaurants, coffee shops, and a very beautiful and long sandy beach as well. There are other Bahá’í gardens in Acre city (local Akko), located in the coastal plain region of the northern district […]

Manasija, the Serbian fortified monastery

  Manasija is one of the most important monuments of medieval Serbian culture. It is a Serbian Orthodox monastery located near the town of Despotovac in central Serbia. Manasija is the endowment of Despot Stefan Lazarević. The Divine Liturgy held on 5th August 2018 marked 600 years since its construction was finished.   Manasija, the monastery’s location A winding road leads to this fascinating monastery complex.Manasija is located two kilometers from the town of Despotovac, in a forested valley. It is also known as Resava, because of the little river Resava that flows near the monastery. Despotovac was first mentioned […]

The slave market in Zanzibar island

  Zanzibar is a tourist destination known as an island of fantastic, white sandy beaches, blue-turquoise sea and spices. But do you know that the slave market in Zanzibar island was the last legally operating slave market in the world? Yes, you read it well, and I was shocked too. The slave market in Zanzibar was officially closed in 1873, under the pressure from the British government. During our Zanzibar’s adventure, we visited its capital Stone Town. In the center of Stone Town, there was the former Slave market. Today, exactly on this place, Anglican Christ church was built in 1873. […]

The best beaches in Zanzibar

  Zanzibar is a popular destination known for its fantastic beaches, and it is not easy to say which beaches are the best. All of them are really breathtaking, and you have a feeling that you are lost in some kind of paradise. Be prepared for long, white sandy beaches, crystal green-blue water, and coconut palms trees … Well, that’s Zanzibar, a tropical paradise in the Indian Ocean. There is also something very interesting about Zanzibar beaches: low tide and high tide. One moment, you walk along the bottom of the ocean, and in a few hours, the bottom is 3 […]

ZANZIBAR, a tropical paradise in the Indian Ocean

  The first thoughts about Zanzibar are fantastic, white sandy beaches, crystal blue water and, spices. But Zanzibar is much more than that. It is a unique, tropical paradise in the Indian Ocean. “Jambo”, or “Hello”, and “Hakuna Matata” which means “no problem” are the first and the most used words which you will hear on the island. And when you arrive there, very soon, you will be using these words, too! Our Zanzibar’s adventure took place in June 2018, with Globe tracker association. And we plan to go back there again because… Zanzibar is such a fantastic place, different from […]

Lake Bled, a fairy tale place in Slovenia

Lake Bled is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Slovenia. This fairytale-like lake is the Slovenian landmark and attracts a lot of visitors throughout the year. And the view is incredible: the emerald green lake is surrounded by forests and mountains. In the west part of the lake, there is a little island with a church and a tower. And above the lake, the medieval Castle of Bled lies on the top of a rocky cliff. Such a fairytale place to enjoy yourself! Lake Bled Bled is about 50 km northwest of Ljubljana, at the foot of the […]

Personal Jewelry, something really personal

When you step into Personal Jewelry, located in Belgrade’s Hyatt hotel, you will see a completely new world. Well, it is a place where the magic starts. And you forget everything in a minute 🙂   Personal Jewelry is not serial production. The jewelry that surrounds you has a unique seal. So, it is something really personal.   The owners of the jewelry store are Jelena and Dusko. They are the ones who make a little masterpiece of every piece of handmade jewelry. In conversation with clients, they recognize their ideas and desires that flow into unique wedding rings, rings, earrings, necklaces.   […]

Jaffa, unique part of Tel Aviv

  Jaffa or Yafo is the unique southern and oldest part of the business center of Israel, Tel Aviv-Jaffa. It was the first place we visited during our Israel tour in March 2017. Jaffa’s history The legend says that the city was named in honor of its original founder Japhet, one of Noah’s three sons who founded the city after escaping from the flood. Jaffa is one of the most ancient port cities in the world. It is located on the top of a hill overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Because of this strategic position, it was conquered many times by the Canaanites, the Phoenicians, […]